Emotional Good Morning Messages

By | February 12, 2011

Emotional good morning messages are sent to your loved ones to make them realize their importance in your life. These messages are used to wish a very happy good morning to your near and dear ones.

Sample emotional good morning messages

  • You make my day so wonderful and enjoyable. No wonder, I talk to you every morning and many times during the day, just to make sure my day is a memorable one. I hope you would make it that beautiful today also. Good morning, dear.
  • Waves are quite inspiring. They rise and fall continuously. But what is the greatest part is that they always rise after their fall. Good morning dear.
  • With every morning, will come a new day. But each one of them is totally drab without you in it. I wish you a very good morning and I hope it goes well as on that depends how my day will be.
  • As the morning rays of the sun enter your room, so do me along with it. Without meeting you or calling you, I feel very dull and you are the one who uplifts my mood again. Good morning my love.
  • With the onset of morning, I remember I need to talk to my friend and here I am wishing you ‘Good Morning’.
  • Good morning to the best friend in the world who has stood by me in all my joys and sorrows.
  • My Dear love you mean my life to me and I wish to stay with your forever. Have a happy and lively good morning my love.

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