Email Welcome Messages

By | November 30, 2011

Email welcome messages are sent when an individual or an organisation wish to invite another individual in their email list. These types of messages helps to add the new subscribers in the email database. Thought these messages can be sent by a company or an individual but they are also used for programs which are related to email marketing.  Email welcome messages must welcome all the people who receives these messages and these can also inform the recipient about the benefits of joining the mail.

Sample Email welcome messages

“ Hi, you are most welcome to our email list… We feel privileged to have you our member.”

“ Thanks for being part of our email list…. We will soon get back to  you”

“ Our team thank you for joining our email list.. We promise to keep up to your expectation.”

“ You are welcome to XXXXXXX email services… Get ready to enjoy wide array of services to keep you in touch with your near and dear ones..

Our  XXXX organisation welcomes you to our list of prestige subscribers.. Feel free to ask any query related to our services.”

“ Welcome to the email subscriber list of XXXXX Marketing Company.. We promise you to keep informed about our latest products and services.”





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