Congratulation messages to boss

By | December 24, 2010

Your boss is someone with whom you interact on a daily basis, sometimes you look up to him and on occasions you wish he was someplace else. He could be your guide, your friend or the guy that shows you the door. Either way one thing is for sure he is the guy that holds the key to your future career path. Hence, it is advisable that your boss be appropriately congratulated on occasions of his celebrations.

Sample Congratulation messages to boss:

  • Dear Boss, Please accept our heartiest congratulations on this wonderful occasion ……. We wait for our party!!
  • Sir, my heart is filled with gratitude every time I think of the countless occasions when you have guided me in my work, mentored me whenever I asked, protected me when I needed …… And today on this joyous occasion of your promotion, I can’t think of a better person who deserved it more…..
  • I will always pray that may god bless you with more such wonderful moments in your life…. For you are the best Boss a person can ever dream of.
  • You always had our best interest in your heart…… Sir, we all feel privileged to have worked under you. May God Bless you in your new endeavor.
  • Congratulations Sir!!! On proving everyone who is the best of them all ….
  • Sir, Today God has bestowed upon you with such happiness because you are wonderful person with a beautiful heart….. You are undoubtedly the best boss anyone can hope for.
  • Congratulations Boss!! You Rock!!

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