Condolence Message on Death of Dog

By | November 16, 2010

Condolence messages on the death of Dog are sent to grieve and lend a loving shoulder to the pet owner and his family. Pets are faithful and loyal friends.  They become an invaluable part of the family and develop a great sense of attachment for the family members.

Sample Condolence messages on death of Dog

  • I am shocked to hear about the sudden death of your pet dog. I still remember how loyal he was to you. I shall keep him as well as your family in my prayers.
  • I know how much your dog had meant to you and I am going to miss him as well. I am sorry about his death. Hope you remain strong in this difficult phase.
  • I am shocked to hear about your dog’s sudden demise. I am sure he shall always remain in your memory as a faithful and lively pet.
  • Your Dog’s untimely death has shocked me immensely. His liveliness and vivacity is still etched in my mind. I am as much grieved by this sudden loss.
  • The death of your dog has left me speechless. I am sending my heartfelt sympathies as well as condolences. May God shower your family with strength and courage.
  • As they say a pet is never completely forgotten, so I send my condolences and sympathies in this trying time to help you get over your loss soon. You need to be strong and deal this loss with courage. May his soul rest in peace.

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