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Sorry Messages

Sorry Messages Example Sorry Messages Sample Sorry Text Messages Sorry SMS Messages Sorry Messages to Girlfriend Sorry Messages to Boyfriend Sorry Messages to Husban Sorry Messages to Wife Sorry Messages to Friends Sorry Messages to Boss Sweet Sorry Messages Cute Sorry Messages Sorry Card Messages Sorry Messages for Colleagues Sorry Messages to Mother Sorry Messages… Read More »

Sorry Messages for Husband

Often there are mistakes made which need to be undone by apologising. Sorry messages for husband are the best form of saying sorry to your husband. These messages are written by wives you are genuinely sorry for a mistake or event that must have not happened. Sample Sorry Messages for Husband: You are the love… Read More »

Sorry Messages for Wife

Sorry messages for wife are written by husbands who wish to convey a note of apology to their wives for a certain mistake. These messages must have an apologetic tone and should be genuinely written by the husband. Sample Sorry Messages for Wife: I know what I did was wrong and from deep down my… Read More »

I Am Sorry Messages for Girlfriend

I am sorry messages for girlfriend are those messages which are written by a boy for his girlfriend to express heartfelt apology and ask for forgiveness. These messages must convey the true apology feelings of the boyfriend. Sample I Am Sorry Messages for Girlfriend: I am really sorry for my rude behaviour. I know I… Read More »

Sorry Messages for Boyfriend

Sorry messages for boyfriend are those messages which are written by a girl to her boyfriend whenever she wishes to apologise to him for something that was not supposed to happen. These messages must be extremely heartfelt and convey the feeling of apology and guilt for the act. Sample Sorry Messages for Boyfriend: I am… Read More »

Sorry Messages for Girlfriend

Sorry messages written from a boyfriend to his girlfriend are meant to ask for forgiveness and saying that one is genuinely sorry for a mistake. Sorry messages for girlfriend must be self written by boys and should be written in an apologetic tone. Sample Sorry Messages for Girlfriend: You are the reason why I live… Read More »

Sorry Messages for Friends

Sorry messages for friends are those messages which are written from one friend to another and are meant to ask for apology. Saying a heartfelt sorry is the best form of maintaining peace and is important for a smooth relationship between two friends. Sample Sorry Messages for Friends: Dear friend, I know I have committed… Read More »

Death Sorry Messages

Death is perhaps the only truth of human life, yet we find it terribly hard to accept. The loss of near and dear ones shatters a person’s world and everything seems to have come to a standstill for him/ her. It becomes our moral as well as social responsibility then to support the family of… Read More »

Short Sorry Messages

It is rightly said that “To err is human, to forgive is divine”. However, forgiveness can be gained only after spending a sincere apology. It is very important for a person to say a genuine sorry on realization of his/ her mistake. Short sorry messages can be sent to such persons whom we have hurt… Read More »

Sorry to See You Go Messages

The feeling of seeing someone go is no less than an emotional turmoil and we often find it hard to face the person and encourage his new venture. It would then be nice to convey some sorry to see you go messages that would ease the burden of our heart and also make them feel… Read More »