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Retirement Messages

Retirement messages are used to congratulate, to send the best wishes for future and to express the emotions  that an individual and staff has shared with a person who is getting off from the job. A Retirement phrase is sent either by the officials of HR department and senior management or by the friends, well… Read More »

Free Retirement Messages

Free retirement messages are those retirement messages that are available free of cost over the internet or any other source. These messages are written in order to wish someone a good future ahead of the retirement. Sample Free Retirement Messages: This retirement day of yours has brought back all the memories of the time we… Read More »

Farewell Retirement Messages

Farewell retirement messages are those messages which a person writes for someone on the occasion of a retirement farewell. These messages are meant to wish the person good luck for his/her future and are used to express heartfelt feelings on the farewell retirement. Sample Farewell Retirement Messages: As you retire from you duties towards this… Read More »

Retirement Messages Example

Retirement messages example is the example of messages which are written by a person to another person who is retiring from a job position. These messages are meant to wish the retiring person good luck for his/her future after the retirement. Sample Retirement Messages Example: Your retirement has come at a time when you needed… Read More »

Retirement Message to a Colleague

Retirement is both a happy and sad occasion. Therefore messages written to a person on his/her retirement can have a touch of sadness or of happiness in them. Retirement message to a colleague is written by a person to his colleague on his/her retirement day. Sample Retirement Message to a Colleague: I have learned a… Read More »

Thank You Retirement Messages

Thank you retirement messages are those messages which are written to a retiring person to thank him/her for the support during the work years or during his/her companionship from which he/she is retiring. Such messages must be genuine to bring about the right emotion needed. Sample Thank You Retirement Messages: Thank you for all these… Read More »

Military Retirement Messages

Retirement from military is an event which marks the end of serving the country at the post of military service. Military retirement messages are the ones which are written to a person who is retiring from the military life and must be wished good luck for the future after retirement life. Sample military retirement messages… Read More »

Navy Retirement Messages

Retirement from the service of Navy is a event when the retiring person feels sad for leaving a life spent with colleagues and away from family for long stretches and plus also a happy occasion on the thought of meeting the family. Navy retirement messages must be ones which are meant to wish good luck… Read More »

Best Wishes Messages On Retirement

Retirement is both a happy and sad event. On this event, there is no better way to express one’s feelings towards the retiring person than writing a message that says it all. Best wishes messages on retirement can be long ones or the short and precise ones which say loads in just a few words.… Read More »

Happy Retirement Messages

Happy retirement massages are sent by the colleagues, family and near ones in order to wish the retiree for good luck and happy future. One can use text messages via mobile, e-cards and hand written notes to wish the person. Sample Happy Retirement Messages: Hello Tim! Congratulations Man! I hope you must be enjoying your… Read More »