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New Baby Messages

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New Baby Girl Wishes Messages

New baby girl wishes messages are meant to be written to parents who have just given birth to a baby girl. These messages are good wishes messages which are generally self written and must be genuine and heartfelt. Sample New Baby Girl Wishes Messages:  Congratulations for giving birth to a little angel. Hope she is… Read More »

Funny New Baby Congratulations Messages

Funny new baby congratulations messages are the messages which are meant to wish someone congratulations for a new baby in a funny and humorous manner. These messages must be original and unique to create a genuine affect. Sample Funny New Baby Congratulations Messages: Congratulations for your new baby who looks as plump and as dashing… Read More »

New Baby Messages for Girls

New baby messages for girls are those messages which are written to the parents of a newly born baby girl. These messages are used to congratulate and give best wishes to the new girl as well as her parents. Sample New Baby Messages for Girls: May your daughter live your dreams and expectations and become… Read More »

Welcome New Baby messages

Welcome new baby messages are quotes full of joy and best wishes sent to the parents of a newly born. Such messages are sent by the relatives, friends and the near ones. Sample Welcome New Baby messages: The new born is the blessing of God. Let us welcome the baby in your life!  Please accept… Read More »

Arrival of new baby messages

Arrival of new baby messages are the messages conveyed by friends and relatives to the couple who had a child recently. When a new member comes in a family in form of a baby, it is a moment of happiness and celebration. These messages add on to the happiness to the couple and also a… Read More »

Funny New Baby Messages

When a new baby is born it is a moment of happiness and joy and what completes this happy moment are funny new baby messages.  When a baby is born, there is a smile and joy on your face, and these funny messages further adds to your happiness quotient. Sample Funny New Baby Messages Diapers… Read More »

New Baby Messages for Grandparents

New baby messages for grandparents are the messages conveyed to a couple who have recently become grandparents. It is a great feeling to become a grandparent and have grandchildren and they can be congratulated for this feeling with the help of these messages. Sample New Baby Messages for Grandparents Grandchildren will be your eyes to… Read More »

New baby wishes messages

Babies bring a warm feeling to the heart of all of us, young or old.  Imagine the happiness of the parents of a newly-born baby.  Sharing happiness with them will be happiness increased.  Messages greeting on the arrival of the new baby will add to the pleasure of this important event in the new parents’… Read More »

New baby SMS messages

The birth of a newborn is uniquely significant in the social life of a human being.  The new parents are head over heels in excitement and in their heart of hearts they want to announce this good news to the whole world.  In this new age, SMS messages are the best way of announcing the… Read More »