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Invitation Messages

Invitation message is delivered on the special occasions which are planned to celebrate and to request for the company of your near and dear ones. An invitation message can be in the form of written document, spoken word, printed documented or electronic message which is transferred to well wishers, friends, family and colleagues. One can… Read More »

Bachelor Party Invitation Messages

Bachelor Party Invitation Messages are sent by the groom to his friends in order to invite them to celebrate his transition from bachelorhood to married one. The bachelor party is generally attended by the friends of the groom to remember those old days of bachelorhood and have unlimited fun. These types of messages must include… Read More »

Christening Invitation Messages

Christening Invitation Messages are those messages which are sent to near and dear ones for inviting them for the Christening of their loved ones. These types of messages must mention the venue, date and time of Christening. Sample Christening Invitation Messages Mrs & Mr Gomes invite you to share the joy of christening of their… Read More »

Lunch Invitation Messages

Lunch Invitation Messages are those messages which are used by individuals to invite others for a lunch. These types of messages can be sent to various different people like friends, family members, colleagues and others. Lunch Invitation Messages must include details like venue for the lunch, date and time. Sample Lunch Invitation Messages Dear Joseph,… Read More »

Farewell Lunch Invitation Messages

Farewell Lunch Invitation Messages are those messages which are sent to invite the people over a lunch to bid farewell to your loved ones. Farewell is the time to say goodbye to your friends, colleagues, teachers or other persons. Though it is difficult to part ways with your near and dear ones but in order… Read More »

Kitty Party Invitation Messages

Kitty Party Invitation Messages are those messages which are sent to friends for inviting them for a kitty party. A kitty party is generally organised by females to meet their friends and have a get together. These types of messages must have details of the party including date, venue and time. Sample Kitty Party Invitation… Read More »

Get Together Party Invitation Messages

Get Together Party Invitation messages are the text messages inviting people for a social gathering for merrymaking and enjoyment. Such parties provide an occasion to people to keep in touch with each other and develop long time contacts. Sample Get Together Party Invitation Text Messages Let us be with people who mean the most to… Read More »

Team Lunch Invitation Messages

Team Lunch Invitation Messages are the texts written for inviting the desired people for a celebration, appreciation or just a casual team meet. This kind of get together provides a formal meet and serves as a mode of enjoyment to a particular squad! Sample Team Lunch Invitation Text Messages Let us celebrate the success of… Read More »

Reunion Invitation Messages

The transition of lives from childhood to adulthood and further more are always recognized by some beautiful memories and experiences. The new experiences mould us to the new lives that we currently enjoy. Out of all this, setting a reunion is a beautiful way to evoke the past bonds and alliance and hence enjoying the… Read More »

Ring Ceremony Invitation Messages

The bond of marriage is the purest of all. Ring Ceremony is a start when a girl and a boy agree to their bond in front of the family members by the exchange of rings! Sending a warm invitation to the invitees is must, to grace the event with their presence. Here are some of… Read More »