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Holiday Messages

Gone are the days when you marked the holiday season by visiting the nearest supermarket and buying a load of holiday greetings cards for friends and family. Now you either text, email, scrap or update your holiday message. The proliferation of the internet in our lives has made it important to send the right kind… Read More »

Holiday Thank You Messages

Holiday thank you messages are sent to the friends, relatives and dear ones in order to thank them either for spending holidays with you or for arranging holidays for you. Sample Holiday Thank You Messages: Dear Anna! I would like to thank you on the behalf of my family for arranging such wonderful holidays in… Read More »

Military Holiday Messages

Military holiday messages are exchanged among the military personnel for wishing happy holidays to each other. Such messages are full of happy and exciting wishes and quotes. Sample Military Holiday Messages: Dear Military Soldiers! It is a holy occasion of Christmas and I am wishing you a very happy Christmas and wonderful holidays! May lord… Read More »

Thanksgiving Holiday Messages

Thanks giving holiday messages are sent to the friends, family and relatives in order to thank them for their holiday messages. Sample Thanksgiving Holiday Messages: Dear Dave! I am enjoying this wonderful time with my wife as I am on holidays. Thank you so much for your wonderful message to wish us all the best!… Read More »

Funny Holiday Messages

Funny holiday messages, as the name suggests, are sent to the friends, relatives and dear ones, who are planning for holidays to wish them fun, enjoyment and happy holidays. Hilarious quotes, funny wordings and cheerful sayings make such messages very jolly. Samples Funny Holiday Messages: There are two types of people in the world- one… Read More »

Holiday Christmas Messages for Employees

Holiday Christmas messages for employees are sent by the organizations to wish happy, joyous, prosperous Christmas holidays with good health and for thanking the employee for their contribution. These messages can be e-mailed or texted to the employees as per suitability. Sample Holiday Messages Christmas for Employees: To all our Employees! May this Christmas season… Read More »

Holiday Messages for Soldiers

Holiday messages for soldiers, as the name depicts, are sent by the masses, relatives, families and friends to wish the soldier safe and happy holidays. Such messages are drafted with enthusiastic quotes and jolly wordings. Sample Holiday Messages for Soldiers: To our soldiers! I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your strength, dedication… Read More »

Holiday Messages for Friends

Holiday messages for friends are sent to the friends for wishing them pleasure, joy and safe holiday season. Jolly wordings, quotes and cheerful saying make such a holiday message exceptional to text or to e-mail it to a friend. Sample Holiday Messages for Friends: Wishing happy and safe holidays to you and your family! Enjoy… Read More »

Easter Holiday Messages

Easter holiday messages are all about hope. Hope to live, hope for a better tomorrow, and hope to fight every difficulty in our life. Try sharing your Easter holidays with your friends and family by sending them personalized Easter holiday messages. These messages can be religious or simply fun filled ones. Whatever style you choose… Read More »

New Year Holiday Messages

New Year holiday messages are a very special way to show your family and friends that you love and care for them. The words that you choose while writing are very vital as it helps to express your inner feelings. A nice and a sweet message can bring an instant smile to your loved ones.… Read More »