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Flirt Messages

Flirt messages are sent to loved ones, or, in some cases, to strangers one is interested in. These messages must be kept within limits as flirt message can become offensive if laden with innuendoes. Flirt messages must be kept within bounds and only then are they interesting conversation starters. They can be used effectively to break the ice between… Read More »

Best Flirt Messages

Best flirt messages are reserved for one’s beloved. They are entertaining, warm and very cute if framed correctly. They should keep on the right side of decency and they must not go overboard with innuendo. Flirting is a harmless way of breaking the ice with strangers and they must be formulated with these considerations in minds. Sample… Read More »

Funny Flirt Messages

Funny flirt messages are sure to bring a smile on our faces. They, if framed properly and with the best intentions, can really brighten someone’s day. Funny flirty messages must be warm and light hearted. They are to be taken with a pinch of salt but they can make an impact if crafted well. These are some… Read More »

Flirt Valentine Day Messages

Flirt valentine day messages are sent on the special day to one’s beloved or to someone one is interested in. They must suit the occasion and they must be framed in a style that is witty and shows flair. Flirty valentine day messages can be a lot of fun and they must be formulated keeping these… Read More »

Flirt Good Night Messages

Flirt good night messages are sent to one’s beloved. They convey a sense of light hearted warmth which can be extremely precious and endearing. Flirty good night messages must suit the occasion. They must be sweet, well intentioned and clever in order to bring a smile to someone’s face. They must on no account be gross… Read More »

Flirt Good Morning Messages

Flirt good morning messages are sent to someone whom one holds dear. They can be witty or funny depending upon personal taste and the relationship shared. On no account must flirty good morning messages be crude or gross. They should evoke a smile on one’s face when one reads them. Sample Flirt Good Morning Messages: Hey good morning!… Read More »

Flirt Birthday Messages

Flirt birthday messages are a great way to convey feelings of interest to someone; one is not very well acquainted with. They are a great way of starting a conversation and if wittily framed, they are sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face. However, they must not be offensive in any manner and… Read More »

Flirt Love Messages

Flirt love messages must be framed carefully. They are a great way of reigniting the spark in a love relationship or they can be used to convey one’s interest or infatuation to the loved one. However they must not be offensive or crude. A lot of care must go into flirt love messages so that they are valuable… Read More »

Cute Flirt Messages

Cute flirt messages are sent to someone with whom we share a level of intimacy or we want to get to know them better. They can be witty and cute, used for breaking the ice between strangers. However, care should be taken to ensure that they do not translate into grossness and are offensive in any way.… Read More »

Text Flirt Messages

Text flirt messages are messages written with the aim of flirting with a beloved, or with someone one is interested in knowing. Flirting can be harmless and enjoyable if it is witty and framed well. On no accounts must it degenerate into innuendo and crudeness. Text flirt messages can really lighten the atmosphere between strangers or bring in a… Read More »