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Farewell Messages

A farewell is an occasion when a near or dear one departs from that particular place to settle done at a different location. This is an event in life that is generally saddening. It marks the starting of a period of separation. On these occasions, it is difficult to find the right words to express… Read More »

Corporate Farewell Messages

Corporate farewell messages are conveyed to a member of an office or firm. They are consequently formal and solemn as these messages are usually addresses to the individual by the management. However, that does not prevent them from being warm or sincere. Even a formal and grave message can evoke joy and happiness if presented… Read More »

Happy Farewell Messages

Happy farewell messages, as the name suggests, are warm and cheerful messages conveyed to an individual on the occasion of his or her farewell. It is a special occasion no doubt and also a bitter sweet one. However, the sadness can be alleviated by happy farewell messages. They should be framed right to evoke happiness… Read More »

Humorous Farewell Messages

Humorous farewell messages are messages which are conveyed to an individual on the occasion of his or her farewell. As the name indicates, humorous farewell messages are meant to lighten the solemn occasion. They provide joy and cheer. They should not be gross or crude. Framed correctly, humorous farewell messages can be really effective. Sample… Read More »

Graduation Farewell Messages

Graduation farewell messages are conveyed to an outgoing batch or to individual members of the graduating batch. A farewell party is usually organized in such a case by the succeeding batch. Hence, graduation farewell messages can be both funny and personalized to suit the traits of each member of the passing batch. These types of… Read More »

Best Farewell Messages

Best farewell messages are farewell messages which are written with a lot of care and warmth in order to smoothen the path for someone taking a leave, being transferred or retiring. These are some of the common occasions which create the need for farewell messages. However, whatever the occasion, best farewell messages can provide comfort… Read More »

Death Farewell Messages

Death farewell messages are messages meant to console the loss of a family member or an acquaintance. They must be imbued with sincerity and empathy. As the occasion is a solemn one, death farewell messages must keep to the gravity of the situation. On no account must they be out of tone with the somber… Read More »

Simple Farewell Messages

Simple farewell messages are messages dedicated to one on the occasion of his or her farewell. As the name suggests, these messages are meant to be simple yet evocative. They should be imbued with a sense of warmth and sincerity so that they evoke happiness and joy even on the sad occasion of a farewell.… Read More »

Sweet Farewell Messages

Sweet farewell messages are messages dedicated to one, on the occasion of his or her farewell. They are, as the name indicates, sweet in nature, conveyed with a lot of love and warmth. They need not be very formal. Sweet farewell messages are extremely good means to provide a warm and sincere farewell to someone.… Read More »

Good Luck Farewell Messages

Good luck farewell messages are messages, which convey best wishes to one who is departing from his place of work, or retiring. Good luck farewell messages must, as the name suggests, wish the individual luck for his forthcoming activities. They must be framed sincerely and they are truly inspirational. If written correctly, good luck farewell… Read More »