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Break Up Messages

Break up messages are those messages which are written when a person quits from a relationship and writes a note to the other in the form of a message. Generally, these messages are written by a partner of a love relationship to the other when he or she decides to walk out of the relationship.… Read More »

Forgiving Break Up Messages

It is never easy asking for forgiveness from a person while moving out of a relationship. It’s become tough to say sorry to someone whom you have recently hurt especially by breaking up. However such messages make sure that you bury the hatchet and don’t let hard feelings get in the way. Thus forgiving break… Read More »

I want to break up messages

Breaking up is rarely easy for any person to bear. No one wishes to do that ever but sometimes things don’t turn up the way you wish to. Then it is best to let go the relationship. I want to break up messages are the best way of confessing it graciously so that it does… Read More »

Break Up Away Messages

Break up is a very harsh ordeal of a person’s life and more so when the partner has moved away to a different place. Sending kind and heart warming messages to your lost love helps to heal the wound of heart break from both ends. Hence break up away messages should be framed confessing the… Read More »

Break Up Messages to Boyfriend

Break up messages to boyfriend portrays the trauma that the female counterpart of the relation is experiencing. It is a means to say that even if they are not together, his name will remain inscribed in her mind forever, till her last breath. These messages manifest the painful state of mind that the girl is… Read More »

Break Up Messages to Girlfriend

Break up messages to girlfriend written by her boyfriend is to lament the fact that they have broken up and that sheer fate is responsible for not letting their bond attain fulfilment. Usually boys are less expressive and they always lack that ability to verbose their inner feelings. However, a situation as aching as a… Read More »

Text Break Up Messages

Break up is a very sad chapter of ones life and coming out of this painful phase is difficult more often than not. Text break up messages are typical messages which mirrors the state of mind of the person undergoing through the dreadful phase. These messages could at least soothe the individual to a certain… Read More »

Sad Break Up Messages

A romantic relation is the most beautiful part of any individual’s life and a break up in the relation is immeasurably throbbing. A crumbling relation drains out both the person mentally and emotionally. Sad break up messages usually bear a tinge of sadness and depicts the mental state of a person after the split. These… Read More »

Best Break up Messages

Breaking up with your partner is always difficult. It becomes even more so because of the fact that you might not be willing to hurt the other person. Sometimes relationships grow sour and no other option is left. Best break up messages can help you say it without causing a magnanimous amount of emotional distress… Read More »

Witty Break up Messages

Breaking up with the person with whom you had spent most of your wakeful hours over the past months or years, may be very difficult indeed. Many would find it difficult to say those harsh words. Some might even be afraid of the psychological warfare that might ensue afterwards. So, to break up one can… Read More »