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Answering Machine Message

An answering machine is a device which speaks for you on your behalf and absence. Some situations arise in which you are unable to take a call due to either your absence or because of the fact that you are busy. In such a case, an answering machine plays an important role by informing the… Read More »

Free Answering Machine Messages

Some of the answering machine messages come with the phone while some voice files can be downloaded from the internet free of cost and just transferred to the answering machine or device. Free answering machine messages are the ones that you can directly record to your machine or download onto the device without paying anything… Read More »

Rude Answering Machine Messages

With the ability to record different types of messages on the answering machine, you can now record rude answering machine messages as well.  Rude answering machine messages can come as quite a shock for many people and for some, it might provide a means of having a good laugh. Here are some really rude answering… Read More »

Best Answering Machine Messages

Best answering machine messages comprise of messages recorded in an answering machine and they could be funny, warm and caring, dumb and much more. You can record your own voice or even play a musical tune. Answering machine messages are meant to inform the caller that you are not home and they can leave their… Read More »

Funny Answering Machine Messages

Funny answering machine messages are basically messages that are recorded in an answering machine and are intended to deliver a humorous punch to the caller. These messages can be personalized and you can think of some of the craziest or whackiest of messages for the answering machine. Creativity rules when it comes to funny answering… Read More »

Common Answering Machine Messages

The owners of an answering machine often record messages which would play when they receive a call. There are a few common answering machines people tend to use. These messages are loaded and played in the absence of the receiver. Sample common answering machine messages Hi guys!!!! Jane here. I am not being able to… Read More »

Cute Answering Machine Messages

Answering machine messages form our caller’s first impression of us. Hence, they must be carefully formulated. They can be funny or witty or professionally crisp depending on one’s needs. Cute answering machine messages are apt for one’s personal or residential line. Sample Cute Answering Machine Messages Hello, this is Lisa. My parents and I are… Read More »

Cool Answering Machine Messages

An answering machine message reflects our personality as well as our intelligence. We can keep them plain and ordinary or we can make them as creative and innovative as we can without being offensive. Hence cool answering machine messages must be formulated carefully as they affect the caller’s impression of us. Sample Cool Answering Machine… Read More »

Halloween Answering Machine Messages

Halloween is the only time of the year when one can record spooky and funny answering machine messages and get away with it. A time of tricks and treats, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to come up with interesting Halloween answering machine messages. Sample Halloween Answering Machine Messages Hello, this is Robert’s residence. If you… Read More »

Polite Answering Machine Messages

Answering machines have messages recorded to greet anybody who might call that number. It is customary to be polite and friendly to the person on the other end so it is necessary to record polite answering machine messages. Sample polite answering machine messages Hello, you have reached the answering machine of the Hamilton Residence. We… Read More »