Cake Farewell Messages

By | May 16, 2011

Cake farewell messages are outpourings of warmth and emotion written on a cake to be sued in farewell parties. Cake farewell messages must adhere to the norms of ordinary farewell messages. However, they must also pay heed to the restricted space as no one wants to see a cake cluttered with a lot of writing. So they must be concise and crisp.

Sample Cake Farewell Messages

  • Happy farewell. May you be happy and successful in whatever you do.
  • This cake is a symbol of the love we have for you. Enjoy your farewell party.
  • Happy farewell. May your face be dunked in this cake as a reminder of how much we love you.
  • A farewell is not a way of saying goodbye. It is a way of welcoming the next phase of your life.
  • A farewell is the end of one chapter in your life. It is time to turn over the page and see what lies ahead.
  • We hope you have as sweet a farewell as this cake. You deserve nothing less.
  • A farewell is just another way of reminding that you will be missed and loved for all the work you put in.
  • A farewell is not meant to be a goodbye to you. It is to remember all the effort that you out in.
  • Your farewell shall be as celebratory as you truly deserve. Good luck.
  • This farewell party is meant only for the delicious cake that will soon be eaten up.

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