Business Answering Machine Messages

Business answering message messages are intended lo let the caller know that the people at the organization are unable to receive your call due to various reasons. It is essential that the business answering machine messages run for a very short time duration; lesser that 30 seconds. These messages leave a brief message regarding the status of the business person or organization you have been tying to contact. Sometimes also it lets you know the time when you can reach them again. Maintaining a formal, but friendly, tone helps.

Sample Business Answering Machine Messages

  • Hello, Thank you for calling the Animal Health Care Organization, the organization that provides the best quality services for your pets. We are sorry for being unable to receive your call.  However we will return your call and attend to your pet as soon as we can. Thank You.
  • Hello. You have reached Tesla Power Management Services. At present we are unable to reach you as we are facing few technical problems. Instead of waiting indefinitely on the line, please leave your name, number and purpose of the call; we would generously call you back or call us back after an hour.
  • Good Morning. You have reached The Cypress Software solutions. The management is unable to answer your call due to an internal meeting of all the employees. Please leave a message with your name, telephone number and the intention of the call after the beep so that we can reach you back as soon as possible.

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