Birthday Party Invitation Messages

By | April 24, 2010

Birthday helps us in realizing that we have been growing in life and there can be nothing more important than friends and family at this time. It is therefore necessary for us to tell them we value their existence and invite them to be a part of our happiness. Some simple party invitation messages will help you to invite all your loved ones in the right way.

Sample Birthday Party Invitation Messages

  • I am getting a year older, but it is good to know that you people are there for me. So, please come and help me to make the day special, so that I know I am getting a year wiser.
  • Check you watch and check your calendar. Keep the date free, as it is my birthday.
  • I would love to see you all when I blow the candles as it will not only make me feel special but will also realize that over the past few years I have been able to make friends who are and will always be there.
  • Come to my place and let us celebrate, as I have crossed another year in the ladder of life.
  • You have supported me in all that I did and have been there for me always. It would be great if we can again come together and celebrate the day I was born years back.
  • I do not like getting old but since it gives a reason to celebrate and help us all get together once again, I love it. So take out time from your schedule. Let us celebrate!

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