Baby shower sms messages

By | September 4, 2010

Baby showers celebrate the anticipation of one of the most important events in the life of a couple.  Towards the end of the confinement, when the couple are stressed out the most, these parties help in putting them at ease and making them well prepared.  SMS messages sent in a teasing, happy tone will warm the heart of the parents-to-be.

Sample baby shower sms messages

  • I called and called, I had no reply.  Must be busy dreaming of your baby.  Wake up, she will be here soon to keep you on your feet.
  • As you feel the kicking and the turning within you, you just cant wait to hold the infant in your arms, I know.
  • Whatever things are pure, whatever things are beautiful, music that is sweet, loving memories, these are the thoughts to have in your mind as you wait for your angel.  The little one will feel it all.
  • May the child born to you be more beautiful and healthy than the one in your dreams.
  • Time travels at a snail’s pace for me, dear sis, as I await your cute baby.  I know how it must be for you.
  • Fairer than snow, sweeter than honey, more beautiful than the cutest butterfly, more gentle than the calmest little lamb, yet naughtier than the naughtiest monkey.  These are my wishes for your junior.
  • When will the day arrive, my dear son, so I can hold his/her little toes for myself and see a face similar to the one I had seen 28 years ago.
  • I will soon visit to listen to your lullabies.

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