Baby Shower Messages for Boy

By | November 15, 2010

Baby shower messages for a boy are the notes of best wishes, loving messages and naughty phrases to the expecting parents. These messages are focused on the birth of coming baby boy.

Sample Baby Shower Messages for Boy

  • We are rejoiced to hear the announcement of a new baby boy coming to your life. Let us celebrate the joyous occasion of you baby shower. May God bless you and your unborn boy!
  • I am glad that a new smart baby boy is coming to your life, and I am here to celebrate the great moment of your baby shower before the biggest day of your life come. Have a wonderful life and stay happy!
  • I wish your baby to be as beautiful, fascinating and cheerful as like both of you and smart like his grandfather! I hope the little star twinkle in your life sooner makes it brighter like a Sun. I wish you the best for your delivery to have a healthy baby.
  • A cute baby is a gift not to the parents only, but also to the close friends. I am waiting eagerly to meet the little boy. I cloud not make to your baby shower as I am with certain commitments. Hope you are happy at this moment and thinking about your Son.
  • Your baby boy is the Sun of your life, so let this Sun shine to your life and give you the valuable happiness. I wish your precious baby take you to the tour of happiness and fun. Have a great baby shower!

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