Baby Shower Messages for a Baby Boy

By | November 30, 2011

Baby shower messages for a baby boy are those messages which are sent to the parents of the new baby boy. These types of messages should congratulate and should be full of good wishes for the parents and the other family members. Baby shower messages for a baby boy can be sent through a card, SMS or an email.

Sample Baby Shower Messages for a Baby Boy

“ Congratulations on giving birth to a lovely boy… “

“ Sending good wishes for the new baby boy and the mother.”

“ Dear Samantha, I was thrilled to get the news of your little one… Will come home soon to see him… Congratulations…”

“ Dear Tom, congratulations on becoming a father of a lovely boy… Wishing good luck to the parents and the baby…”

“ It’s so great to get the news about the birth of your twin boys… May God shower his blessings on the new ones…”

“ Congratulations for a new member in the family… The baby looks like his father, he is very cute… Wishing him success, luck and good health in life…”

“ There can be no better feeling on this earth than giving a birth to a baby… I am happy for the new member in your family… He looks just like his father…”

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