Arrival of new baby messages

By | November 16, 2010

Arrival of new baby messages are the messages conveyed by friends and relatives to the couple who had a child recently. When a new member comes in a family in form of a baby, it is a moment of happiness and celebration. These messages add on to the happiness to the couple and also a way of congratulating.

Sample Arrival of New Baby Messages

  • Earlier you were two, now you are three. Congratulations for the new guest in your house.
  • May you become a blessed parent and may your child be happy to be born into your family.
  • This the day when you start a new journey in life. This journey is known as parenthood.
  • Congratulations on having a new baby. Wishing him success and health in life.
  • It is a god’s gift that you have got. May the gift turn out to be strong and successful under your care and parenthood.
  • It is the time to forget the past and think about the future. It is the time for a new beginning. It is the time to give the best life to the new guest in the family.
  • God has sent you a gift in the form of a child. Take good care of God’s gift.
  • A new baby is born, what more can happy couples ask for. Wishing you a happy parenthood.
  • Hearty congratulations for the arrival of new member in your family. The cute little boy will surely bring lots of happiness in your life.

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