Appreciation Plaque Messages

By | November 30, 2011

An Appreciation plaque is a method of giving credit to an individual for his good job, providing donation, special services and other such tasks in an organisation. Thus an Appreciation plaque can be considered as an effective way of saying Thanks. Appreciation plaque messages should be framed in such a manner so that it makes the recipient feel that all his/her hard work has been noticed and appreciated.  These types of messages must mention about the action or the tasks for which an individual is being appreciated.

Sample Appreciation plaque Messages

“ We thank you for your great service for the last 12 years and present you this Appreciation plaque on dd/mm/yyyy.”

“ This Appreciation plaque is presented to Mr. Tom for his hard work and years of service that he has invested in this organisation.”

“ It is the vision and hard work of Mr. Jack that ABC Limited has reached to new heights and thus we present this Appreciation plaque in order to honor him.”

“ Dear Mack, your sincerity and hard work prove to be an inspiration for all the other emplyeed in Bright Inc…  We all appreciate your hard work and present you with this Appreciation plaque.”

“ This Appreciation plaque is being presented to Ms. Samantha for her dedication, hard work and sincerity.”

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