50th Birthday Messages

50th Birthday messages are the messages conveyed to a person who has turned fifty years old. It is a golden jubilee celebration in his life, so it is a birthday to remember. So these messages make this birthday special and memorable.

Sample 50th Birthday Messages

  • Congratulations on completing half century in your life. We wish that you complete a century and we will be there with you to celebrate that.
  • The age between fifty and seventy are the most difficult part of your life. You have to do things that you are weak to so no to them. So welcome, to the most difficult part of your life. Happy Birthday!
  • There is a saying that life begins at forty, so today you complete ten years since you started your life.
  • Reaching fifty is like reaching halfway while climbing Mount Everest. We wish that you are successful in climbing Mount Everest.
  • A new life has opened before you as you turn fifty. It is your chance to begin a new innings in life.
  • After fifty not everything that does not hurt, turns out to be working.
  • Fifty is the age when you attain the highest level of wisdom. So, congratulation on achieving wisdom.
  • Though you may not be as good looking as were earlier, but at least you have become smarter on turning fifty.
  • Hope the next half century brings you as much happiness as the first half.
  • As you complete a golden jubilee of your life, it is the time to open the champagne bottles.
  • Wishing you a very happy birthday as you turn fifty.

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